P&K Men’s Scratch and Handicap Championships

The 2023 P&K Strokeplay Championship will be hosted by Blairgowrie Lansdowne on the 3rd of September.

Due to demand this year a new 18 hole Handicap County Championship has been introduced , alongside the longstanding 36 hole Scratch Championship and the 18 hole Seniors Scratch & Handicap.

Tee times will be between 07:30 and 10:30 with the afternoon round of the Scratch championship beginning at 12:30.

With the top 8 scores qualifying for the respective Matchplay championships and top 4 scores qualifying for the Seniors versions

Entry for the 36 hole County Scratch Championship will cost £25.

Whereas, those who want to only enter the new 18 hole Handicap Championship will cost £15 to enter.Seniors 18 hole Scratch & Handicap will cost £15 to enter.

Vouchers for will be up for grabs on places 1st to 3rd in Each Section

Entries can be made via the following link: https://pandkgolf.com/event/perth-kinross-strokeplay/

Once you have purchased your relevent ticket please email your CDH number and confirm your availability for the Matchplay Stages on the 16th and 17th of September or the Seniors versions on the 23rd of September to Alan Cargill: secretarypandk@gmail.com

Open to members of P&K Club’s Only